Monday, May 19, 2014

Building, Creating, Having Fun

We just finished a three day weekend and I had a great time.  We didn't go anywhere but did lots of walking, cycling, visiting with friends, sitting in the sunshine reading and had some time to be creative.  Look what I made!
If you’ve been following my blog for a while you know I like fairies and that we have created a variety of environments for them; doors, gardens, tree houses.
                              dec 10 023
Last December my husband created a wonderful tree house for the centre.  I helped design it but I really wanted to get my hands on the tools and make one myself.
I started by gathering materials from school and the forest.  Laying it out helped envision how it could go together. I didn't use a lot so it will be available for another project.
          (Yes I know I shouldn’t be wearing slippers while using power tools.  I did change soon after this picture.)
My husband showed me how to use a jigsaw, hand saws, a drill and different drill bits.  Electric screw driver and how to counter sink so the screws will be flat.  
I made the ladder by drilling holes through each rung and the poles so I could tie them together. I added a bit of hot glue on the back of each knot in hopes they will stay tied.  The ladder is attached with little screws to the base.
For shingles on the little house I used pieces of a pinecone, I found in the forest, that a squirrel had taken apart.  I had hoped to add little rocks on the sides of the house then realized that I wouldn't have space to screw it to the tree top.
The circular base was leftover from the sensory table my husband created last weekend.  The toad stool knobs were found at a thrift store.
Adding these steps was a part that my husband did.  I wasn’t quite ready to handle the circular saw yet but I know I will someday.  But I did attach them.
It was so exhilarating creating this fairy home.  As soon as it was together my mind was already thinking of the next project.  I’m thinking that I may do a bit of painting on this one first.