Sunday, January 27, 2013

Pets from Home

For the past couple of weeks families have been invited
to bring their pets in to play. 

IMG_2830  IMG_2755
jan 21 030 jan 8 025
          We've met several dogs and a cat.
     jan 24 001
      A guinea pig from the kindergarten class.
     jan 10 011
          And a beautiful corn snake.
     jan 8 022
We learned to ask first if we can pet a dog and how
to safely meet a new dog by making a fist with our
hand and letting it sniff it first.
IMG_2745  IMG_2746
We found toys for the cat to play with when it tried to escape
the classroom.
IMG_2750 jan 21 043
The children loved following the animals around the room,
in and under furniture.
jan 24 032  jan 16 090
The pets inspired conversations and stories about the children`s
experiences with animals.
And not just with the children. 
This dog helped make connections between parents.
jan 10 020
A snake is an unusual pet for most of us and
they come with a negative reputation.
jan 10 017 jan 10 029
But the children modeled for all of us how to overcome
some fear and discomfort with the pet snake.
jan 10 021 jan 10 024
The family also brought the snake`s skin that it had recently shed. 
Wow look at the head, you can see the eyes too.

       Pets are calming, loving and teach us so much.