Monday, November 5, 2012

Embossing at the Craft Table

Today we made fire fighter hats. 
     nov 5 081
The technique we used to make the badge on the helmet is called embossing. 
      nov 2 067It’s just a few easy steps.
    nov 5 083
First draw the design you want for your helmet’s badge. 
We drew on a small paper plate that was cut in half.
    nov 5 082
Next use the glue gun and trace over your design.
Before we could do the next step we had to wait for
the hot glue to dry.
      nov 5 119
So we encouraged the children to blow on it. 
It kept them busy and fingers away from the glue.
nov 5 078  nov 5 101
Now cover the paper plate with foil.  Trim the excess.
nov 5 097  nov 5 103
The fun part is to rub your fingers all over the foil and feel your
raised design.
      nov 2 061
Sometimes it was difficult to see the design but we could feel it.
            nov 5 105
Now measure a red strip of paper to fit and staple the embossed
badge to the front.
nov 5 087  nov 5 088
Very easy to become fire fighters.