Monday, June 11, 2012

Raising Tadpoles and Release

We've been studying frogs for a little while in our room.
 Our frog play area include real tadpoles plus a mirrored pond with foam lily pads, pieces of wood and lots of different coloured, textured and sized frogs.
Then there was the wet frog play area right beside it that included frogs in the different stages of development from tadpole to full grown frog.  I also included water beads, a few blue and a lot of clear beads. 
You couldn't see the clear ones in the water so it was always a surprise when they put their hands in and felt something jelly-like.
I thought the water beads felt like what frog spawn might feel like.
They enjoyed playing with and squishing the beads.

We talked about what frogs like to eat so toy flies arrived, as well as dragon flies.
 Then the snakes because they like to eat frogs.
Today we took the tadpoles to the pond to let them free.
We scooped them out of their travel pail and into the pond they went.
I had made pond viewers for the children by cutting off the bottom of cans and yogurt tubs then covering the one end with plastic wrap.  These make it easy to look under the water.
We saw lots of lily pads so hope that they find other frogs to live with.