Thursday, February 18, 2016

Building Our Airport

The beginning of our airport started
with a bench and a clipboard.

There was one other piece of equipment that I was excited to share.
A four foot length of roller conveyor.
The children were fascinated with it too.
They spent the first morning sending the suitcases across it.
 We used this opportunity to talk about packing for a trip.  
Where are we going?  What would we need?  What would we like to take?

Using the suitcase worked their problem solving skills and
fine motor skills, trying to close the latches.
 But the excitement grew as the children discovered that the cases travel across the rollers very fast.
We ended up with a box on the floor at the end to catch the cases.

  Day two, after our first tour of the airport we set up the luggage x-ray machine.
I found photos on line of suitcase being xrayed and attached it to 
the side of our machine.

At the end of the morning after the children left, I added a few more pieces of equipment.
A computer, tickets, baggage tags and
a scale was include to weigh the suitcases.
It's ready for the children to use tomorrow.
Although I'm concerned how well the x-ray machine (box) will hold up.