Thursday, December 4, 2014

Our Finished Gingerbread House

            Yesterday we painted tubes to look like candy canes.
IMG_1849 IMG_1848
Today we used the candy cane tubes to make a ball run on the side of the
                                 gingerbread house.
I first used double sided tape to place the tubes then secured them with
                                        packing tape.
                                          It was a hit!

Sometimes they had to wiggle the tubes to make the ball continue it’s path
                                   through all the tubes.

          Today we made wreaths to hang on the doors of the house.
            We started by painting our hands to make two wreaths.     
It didn’t take long to finish the two wreaths so I added bingo dabbers
            and as you can see we now have a lot of wreaths.
Our completed gingerbread house from the front.  Part way through this morning two children were playing inside and when I opened the door they told me the coffee shop was closed.  Hmmm another possible transformation idea for the new year?