Wednesday, February 23, 2011

More Mud More Pigs

Do you know the book "Mrs Wishy Washy" by Joy Cowley?  I love it.  It's easy for the littlest ones to get involved recognizing the animals (can make their sounds), repeating the phrase 'wishy washy', and acting it out.
This week our water table is focused on the book. 
I pulled up a second table beside the water table put a tub on it for the animals.  The first couple of days I put sandy mud in the tub and then soapy water in the water table.  Added the three animals from the story, pig, cow and duck plus scrubbing brushes.  The children really were drawn to it.

 Oh the bubbles that we made with all the scrubbing.
And the parents enjoyed reading the story while they were playing.

The scrubbing was fun but watching how the mud clings to the brush and then slides down the side of the tub is fascinating too.

Today I used the leftover chocolate pudding from yesterdays craft instead of the sandy mud.

It was creamier and smoother and still fun to wishy washy.