Tuesday, April 30, 2019

What's in the Tub Tuesday?

Week 2 of our sticky wall and I added feathers to the tub.
The girls are becoming quite familiar with tub and are always eager to explore.
How do these things move if I pick them up and drop them.
That is Cs favourite thing to do with every tub.
They do eventually get around to sticking them to the wall.
Sometimes putting them and sometimes peeling them off.
That is one reason a sticky wall is great as it is always changing.
The girls started to explore the feathers a little closer.
Discovering how they feel.
That they tickle when rubbed on their nose or face.
They discovered that a feather is very light and they may not feel it on their head.
 To finish our feather play off for the day we sang Two Little Dickie Birds.
What could we add to the sticky wall next week?
Any ideas?

Monday, April 29, 2019


Shopping at a thrift store I found a bag of metal bracelets.
They work great in an old wipe container.
 So much fun to grab them and drop them on the floor.
They make a sound when they are dropped.
I tried to spin them too.
 Then I showed them how to put them on their arms.

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

What's in the Tub Tuesday?

To the sticky paper on the wall I placed the sensory tub in front of it and put small pieces of colour tissue paper in it.
They took the pieces of tissue paper and stuck it on the sticky wall.
They also discovered that the tissue makes a beautiful waterfall to the floor.
Another discovery was that the tissue easily stuck to the bottom of their feet when they walked on it.
That turned into part of the fun.  
Peeling it off the feet and sticking it to the wall.
All 3 of them enjoyed this idea of things sticking to the wall.
 I noticed that the table was getting in their way so I removed it and placed the tub on the floor.
Oh their curiosity!
They needed to check out the tub.

And soon started dumping it.
Their next step was to grab the paper and put it back in the tub just so they could dump it again.
The sticky wall will stay for a few weeks.
Next week I will add something new.
Visit again to see what it is.

Monday, April 22, 2019

Starting a New Tub But We Got Distracted

 This week I started to set up our sensory tub.
First I put sticky paper (contact paper) on the wall with the sticky side out.
As I was busy taping the contact to the wall, the paper that was peeled off was left on the floor.
The children started walking and playing on it.
It made a wonderful sticky sound as they walked across it.
Soon the older one was tearing the paper apart.
 Which we scooped up and put in a box.
We pretended it was food to stir.
Later that day, after a nap, they started playing with the paper again.
I crumpled some of it into balls.
 They started picking them up and throwing them around.
What a fun game!
Their imagination didn't stop there.
This little one started to play, it looked like to me, hockey.

Saturday, April 20, 2019

Jello Eggs

Going through my Easter bins I found these old egg shaped jello molds.
I forgot that the recipe needed to be modified,
I added too much water.
This is the twins first experience with jello so they were a little apprehensive.
 Using one finger to poke at it, discovering the texture and movement.
 Quickly starting to grab it in their hand and watch it slide off.
Unfortunately, and I predicted it, they started shaking their hand to get the jello off.
Soon I was busy cleaning it off the floor and walls.
 A quick switch and I put them in the bath tub taking any restrictions away.
 A bonus was the tub toys that were waiting.
Scooping, pouring, grabbing, spreading and flicking was no problem in the tub.
When they were done it was easy to clean up and then give them a bath.