Tuesday, April 10, 2018

First Play Dough

My grand daughter is just over a year old and I've been wondering which play dough recipe would be best to offer her to play with,
knowing at this age she will probably attempt to eat it.
 So I had been looking up edible dough recipes when I realized I could just give her some of the sugar cookie dough that I was using to make Easter cookies.
It was perfect and she surprised me by not putting any in her mouth-
- wasn't even interested.
I was using my big rolling pin and she wanted to try it so I dug out a smaller one for her which she loved.
I enjoyed watching her try to use it a variety of ways.
Which led me to pull out a few more tools for her.
I had picked up an inexpensive set of cookie cutters at the dollar store to keep at her house.
We were busy playing for almost a half an hour.

A few days later it was time to decorate the cookies so I thought if the dough worked great for her then maybe the icing would be fun to use as finger paint.
It was a hit.
And again I was surprised she didn't put it in her mouth.
(She doesn't take after her Nana for a sweet tooth)
She wasn't impressed when I dabbed some on her nose.