Monday, July 22, 2013

June’s Play Trays

           june 10 008
  june 11 036 june 11 049
Sea shell matching.  I took photos of each shell and taped
them to the tray.  As the children pull a shell out of the
sandbox they match it to the picture.  I also included a
guide to the names of the shells.
         june 11 012
 june 11 061 june 12 079
Grace, my practicum student, made this tray of an octopus with
dotted legs.  She added flat bottom marbles to count and place
on each dot.
             june 12 080
 june 13 059 june 10 016
A game in which as the fish turn they open and close their mouths. 
The children try to catch them with a fishing rod. 
Not as easy as it looks.
             june 18 039
 june 17 010 june 17 011
I painted the underside of shells to play a colour matching game. 
 june 17 007 june 17 014
                         june 19 026
Sea creatures to sort in different ways; colour, type, etc.
 june 18 005 june 18 036
Grace made a discovery bottle.  She used blue aquarium rocks to
partly fill the bottle then added fish, shells, glass beads to roll and
find.  Before putting each item in the bottle she took a picture and
made a guide to help the children find them all.
 june 18 087 june 18 128 
A fish, sea shell, octopus and jelly fish bath tub mat turned upside
down to place marbles on each suction cup.