Thursday, April 25, 2013

A Story in Watercolour.

april 25 016  The Alligator
april 25 007 The man was swimming then he dived underwater then he saw the alligator.  He tried to go fast but then he went slow and the alligator caught him.
april 25 008 Then the man died.  His blood was on top then his bones hit the alligator and the alligator said “Aaaaarrrrrggggggg!”  He tried to crunch the bones but his tooth popped out.
april 25 010 Then all his tooth popped out.  But the next day he had his teeth again.  Then his eye grew very big and popped out.  His eye was back and he saw a pirate diving down and the alligator chomped him up.
april 25 011 Then whole bunch of pirates diving and the alligator chomped them in ONE chomped.       The End
april 25 015 the author

I really enjoyed watching and listening to this child create this morning and that I was available to  share it.