Monday, September 24, 2012

Where Do We Find the Answer?

             sept 17 010
One day when my husband and I were out for a hike, we found this jaw bone. 
I thought it would interest the children and start conversations.
It did.
As the children examined the bone and the teeth, I heard them ask their grown ups “What is it from?”

Since I was the person that brought it in, the grown ups sent the children to ask me. 
I didn’t know since I found it like you see it. 
So I put the question back to the children. 
What do you think it is?
                 sept 17 010 (3)
Dinosaur was a favourite guess. 
Then I asked the children where they think we could find the answer. 
After a few prompts, a book was mentioned. 
So off we went to the library with the jaw bone to show the librarian.
She was very helpful and we found several books about mammals to borrow.
         sept 17 010 (4)
We narrowed done the choices to three.
  sept 17 010 (2)
They insisted that a dinosaur be one of the choices.
I printed pictures of jaw bones for a T-rex, horse and cow. 
Placed with a toy showing the whole animal and let them continue the discussion and exploration.

To date, the cow has the most votes.
             sept 17 010 (5)