Saturday, May 4, 2013

Corn Syrup Painting

     april 30 001
I learned about corn syrup painting from Heather, a StrongStart
facilitator down island, when I visited during Spring Break.

By mixing clear corn syrup with a bit of paint you can create
wonderful shiny pieces of art.
IMG_6626  IMG_6628
We used this painting technique for a couple of days.  The first day
using large paint brushes and large pieces of paper cut in flower shapes.
The wonderful thing about corn syrup paint is that the colours stay
separate unless you blend them.
april 30 003 april 30 004
The second day we tried the opposite by using small paint
brushes and small papers,
       april 30 037
plus I added pictures of wild flowers of British Columbia for
april 30 008 april 30 009
 This paint creates a beautiful glossy finish that appears to be still wet.
april 30 017  april 30 038
april 30 031  april 30 034
april 30 018  april 30 019
Different styles by our young artists create wonderfully unique images.
Thank you to Heather for sharing.