Thursday, May 8, 2014

Nature Challenge–Rain Art

Our 30x30 Nature Challenge activity today included our big buddies and rain.
       DSCN3016 DSCN3018
Using small paper plates with red and yellow crepe streamers we created
                                                Rain Art.
We held the plates in the rain and watched to see if anything would happen or
                         change when the streamers became wet.
 DSCN3015 DSCN3020
As the rain fell on the crepe we noticed that the colours left red and yellow
                                   marks on the plate.
We moved the streamers around a bit to make more marks and make our
                                          art unique.
 IMG_3051 IMGP2979
Some of the colour leaked right through the plate and we could see it on
                   the other side making a two-sided piece of art.
  IMG_3060 IMG_3063
                  We noticed orange on some of the plates. 
       The buddies that own this plate said it looked like a tulip petal.
                   Sharing the evidence of our time outside.