Thursday, March 12, 2015

A Nature Walk = Writing a Book

We went for a walk in the woods with our big buddies this week.  It started with this new book I was introduced to called On My Walk by Kari-Lyn Winters.
                        The text is minimal but rich in it’s rhythm.
We read the book together then split our big group into two.  One group went into the woods behind the school and the other went to the small woods beside the school.  That allowed more space for the children to explore.
Each visit I notice that more of the little buddies are becoming relaxed and comfortable with their big buddies and are willing to go a little farther apart from their grown up. 
The little buddies carried their nature bag that held a clip board with a book similar to the one we read. 
       They spent their time recording what they saw, heard and smelled.