Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Banana Snowmen

Our latest Build-a-Snack was to build a snowman.
            jan 8 008
Bananas for the snowball body, cheerios and raisins interchangeable for eyes and mouth (buttons too), carrots for the nose and pretzels for arms.
                   jan 8 009
Some of the children have participated in our Build-a-Snacks for sometime and I was so impressed when I saw this child reading the recipe before starting.
 jan 8 010 jan 8 013
   jan 8 015 jan 8 016
   After reading the recipe he was able to build his snowman independently.
                jan 8 021
This recipe offered the opportunity to talk about facial and some body parts.
jan 8 024 jan 8 027
Using simple ingredients made it a very appealing snack to most of the children.