Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Magnetic Slime

To extend on our experience with the magnetic sand we were given
I decided to add it to our slime recipe.
My slime recipe is just white glue and Seventh Generation laundry detergent.
I didn't measure the sand as I added but went on the stiffness.
I have two really powerful magnets that work well to make the slime move.
The children were tentative at first but some reached right in with whole hands
and hearts.
Here is a photo story of one child's experience.
She uses her whole body, no sitting, to experiment.
Up, down, in and out she shows no hesitation for this
sensory experience.
Although she needed a bit of help from mom to get it all off when she was done.
We discovered that when it sits over night with one of the magnets in it,
that it separates.
The magnet is attracting all the magnetite to it leaving the glue and detergent
pooling on the sides.
The families are so intrigued.
We've made a second batch in the week we have played with it.
The more you play with it the less sticky it becomes.