Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Our Stick Bug is a…?

    april 16 003
Look at this bug that was caught when I scooped our
frog eggs from a local pond. 
It looks like a stick, so we called it a Stick Bug.
   april 10 014
It’s been living peacefully in the same tank as our tadpoles
for the last week and a half.
april 9 037 april 16 102
Everyday we would look for it in the tank.  We have live plants in the tank
and it would blend in so much that sometimes he was hard to find.
We continued to call it a Stick Bug even though we knew they didn't live
in water.
     april 19 015
But last Friday we caught it eating a tadpole and quickly
moved it to it’s own tank.
april 23 033 april 23 034
Today one of our families brought in a book called Bugs of British Columbia
and there was info about our ‘stick bug' and it’s actually a Water Scorpion. 
          april 23 035
We don't want to continue feeding it tadpoles and the information says that the
adult Water Scorpion can fly so tomorrow we’ll be saying goodbye
and return him back the pond.