Thursday, March 16, 2017

A Bit of Styrofoam

A parent gave me several long sheets of styrofoam
so I covered a table with them.
 I dug into my cupboard and fun tooth picks
and appy sticks, like umbrellas.
The children loved poking the sticks into the foam.
 I worried how safe it would be with toddlers
but they amazed me with their curiosity and focus.
 It was fun to see the different ways and places they put the sticks;
making patterns and designs.
 Then the umbrellas stirred their interest.
How do they open?
 Do they smell like flowers?
They look like trees.
One day I noticed a family added some buttons to the table.
So it inspired me to look for other items that would work.
Love it when you can use recycled materials to create games and learning.