Monday, April 23, 2012

Neighbourhood Parks

Today we went for a walk in a local park.
It was the first time for some families to discover this park.
We are so lucky that our community has many green spaces.
We'll be discovering at least one a month till the end of the school year.
Our weather fluctuates everyday, warm, cold, dry, wet.  Ugh, hard to know how to dress.
The rain was sprinkling a little, but off we went.
Of course the slugs love the moist weather.  This little girl loves slugs.
As we walked I asked the children to find a stick, which was easy since we had a lot of wind storms this year.  There are many sticks laying on the ground.
 Arriving in the meadow, we set up our painting station.
I brought our little portable paint pots (daily pill boxes).
 So much fun to do art outside, out of our comfort zone, for some.
After finish painting they chose ribbons to tie on to the end of the stick.
Each child made their own `tickle`stick.  Just like the one I use in gym time to finish our yoga stretching.
 They had to stop a few times,
to show off their tickle sticks.
We headed back on the trail, through the woods, and the children noticed this tree fort.
Oh some would have loved to climb up there.