Friday, October 21, 2016

Our Horse Stable

This month we have learned so much about horses and where they live.
This week we worked on creating our own horse stable.
It has two stalls.
The first with double doors that contains, at the moment, a bale of hay.
The other side has a swing door and some grooming equipment.
Just like at Sprout Meadows grooming the horse has been popular.
As well as feeding the horse.
Once the frame was built we talked about what colour it should be.
We have seen two barns now and the children have their idea from books
of what colour it should be but we used a picture from our
visit to the Therapeutic Riding Stable for inspiration.
We went with white with green doors just like the Therapeutic stables.
As the children play, the hay from the other stall has slowly migrated to the horses 
stall which meant we had to do some 'mucking out'.
Many times I would find several children tucked in the stall with the horse.
Telling stories and getting to know each other.