Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Wrap a Star

                  nov 26 001
A simple craft that the children enjoyed doing was to wrap yarn around a cardboard star shaped cutout.
nov 26 005 nov 26 006
I liked how he used the whole art space to make his star.  He wrapped and wrapped.  His goal was to cover every bit of the cardboard.
nov 26 010 nov 26 012
Then he took it to the main table and found the pipe cleaners, adding an extra touch.
         nov 26 013
   His mom was inspired to make a family star.
nov 26 016 nov 26 020 (2)
A couple of more wrapped stars then the children became busy
at the art easel and decided to paint the stars.
nov 26 020 nov 26 021
Then used them to decorate our branch that stands between the two easels. 
An early touch of Christmas.