Thursday, January 31, 2013

Tray Plays from January

A whole month has gone by and I haven’t posted any of our Play Trays. 
Here’s a blitz.
jan 7 004   jan 7 003
Match the coloured hat to the snowman with the same coloured scarf.
jan 9 005  jan 8 012
Build a snowman with foam circles, hats, and scarves.
jan 9 032 Xs & Os game.
IMG_2751 jan 16 004
Using tweezers to pick up pom poms and drop them into a container.
jan 1 073 IMG_2822
Button search.  Find the buttons that are parts for a snowman.
jan 16 049  jan 18 021
Nesting dolls that are unfinished.
jan 21 033 jan 21 037
Cats and dogs and a balance scale.
jan 18 034 jan 21 011
Big fuzzy pipe cleaners and a strainer.
jan 21 016 jan 24 017
Hammer and golf tees in styrofoam.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Wee Folks Woods–the beginning

jan 16 054 (2)
We have been busy with our big buddies planning
a second Fairy Lane.  This one will be called Wee Folks Woods
because there could be many different creatures living there.
It’s going to be situated in the woods behind our school
so we can make frequent visits.

jan 16 034 jan 16 023
         Two weeks ago we met to plan our doors.
jan 16 055  jan 16 028
The door planning session also include talking of who the door would be for.
There were fairies, trolls, gnomes, witches, flying pigs, ogres and more mentioned.
jan 16 056 jan 16 057 jan 16 077
Today was clay day.  Our big buddies used the drawings to prepare
the shape of the doors before we arrived.
jan 30 011 jan 30 016
Working together to finish the designs with details of stones, wood,
doorknobs, bricks, hinges and windows.
We learned the proper technique to attach bits of clay to the main door.
jan 30 012 jan 30 024
     jan 30 022

jan 30 038 jan 30 040
By the end of our session the doors are ready to sit at room temperature
before they are fired in the kiln.
jan 30 034 jan 30 041
jan 30 044 jan 30 046
jan 30 036 jan 30 037 jan 30 047

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Drawing Silhouettes

jan 29 001 
Today’s art was an attempt to draw the children’s silhouettes. 
But the children weren’t interested in just sitting. 

So a quick change up and the children were drawing
animal silhouettes on paper on the wall.
IMG_3283 IMG_3284
It took a few tries for them to figure how to position their
bodies to draw while seeing the image.  I was impressed that
they didn’t give up.

 IMG_3316  IMG_3317
It took a few tries to follow the edge of the silhouette rather than the
shape as a whole.  They could recognize their animal when done.

IMG_3328  IMG_3327
Finally, one child showed interest to have his own silhouette drawn.
IMG_3329 IMG_3330
I like how his aunt finished off his details, right down to the picture
on his t-shirt.

IMG_3289  IMG_3290
Interest wasn’t always art based.