Monday, September 9, 2013

Another Pom Pom Play

    sept 6 043
These round bowl type toys are for stacking and the holes in the middle
make it easy for the little ones to pick up. 

But I wondered, couldn’t we use them for another use?  Say for
identifying and sorting colours?
       sept 9 002
I painted little paper plates to match each bowl and placed them out
with a basket of pom poms. 
       sept 9 013
The age that was most interested in this new play toy was under 2s. 

Was it the colours that attracted them? 
Or that they enjoy hiding items out of sight and playing a peek-a-boo game? 

I saw the children experimenting by pushing the pom poms through the holes,
even larger pom poms which they had to give a whack to make them fit.  

I challenge you to look around your room and find different ways to use
some of the toys.  Let me know what you found.