Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Bathing Baby

Our water sensory table this week turned into a bathtub for bathing babies.
Time to switch roles for the little ones from being bathed by mom or dad to bathing someone smaller than themselves.
Each child took gentle care of their baby.  They scrubbed and washed all body parts while chatting away. Some children carried their baby around all morning and had to be encouraged to leave it behind at school.

This activity came with a lot of conversation between the grown up and the child about their own bath routines, body parts, washing, drying, and how the baby feels."Is the baby cold?" 
And of course the 'potty' was always around and well used.  The question arose several times of where to empty the potty after the baby used it.
 Bath time is finished, now to dress the baby so she's ready to play.