Tuesday, September 12, 2017


Well retirement didn't last too long for me.
Only one week into the new school year and our district asked if I could sub.
Even though I've had a wonderful summer and did enjoy last week when
I didn't have to wake up early and be at school
I was excited to come back to play with families.
Our first day we made play dough.
I collected lavender from friends' gardens to add.
The lavender is a bit fragrant as it sits but becomes more so 
when it is touched.
The children use rolling pins to work the dough while building the muscles in their whole hands.
And they pinch off the blossoms working those smaller muscles.
Making them stronger through play.
We pretended to plant seeds in rows.
And make butterflies.
Today we added more tools, like these round wooden napkin rings
and silk leaves.
It is fun to be back even for a little bit.