Thursday, October 29, 2015

Indoor StoryWalk

I wanted to share the idea of a StoryWalk with other classes in my school so set one up in our school hallway.
Little Boo was a good choice because it incorporates Halloween and the life cycle of a pumpkin.  The bottom picture shows the set up of the StoryWalk.  The streamers connected the pictures like a pumpkin vine and I had hoped to add leaves and flowers. But it didn’t stay like that.  The tape we have to use on the walls isn’t strong enough to hold the laminate pictures.  After the first day the pictures had fallen a few times and needed to be reposted with more tape.  Finally they stayed.

The StoryWalk was enjoyed by several classes and peaked the interest of others as they walked to and from gym and music.
Our big buddies read the story to us, enjoying the pictures and modeling how to follow the words. I was told that the kindergarteners and their big buddies read it too.
          I caught this grade 2/3 class taking turns reading each page.
         Another time I heard our principal reading it to a student.
                He was able to read the word “Boo” each time.