Monday, May 15, 2017

Tide Pool Investigation

Oh it was a blustery day to go to the beach.
But we were on a mission to answer this question.
 Last Friday I set up an ocean sensory table with just water and rocks.
I wanted to learn what the children know about tide pools.
And that is what brought us to the beach today.
It was very windy and even though the tide was going out 
the tidal pools were still covered.
We wondered if we would find anything.
So we searched under a lot of rocks,
and in little puddles of water.
 And we finally found some crabs.
This was a good size crab and he was ready to protect himself.
Even after we let him go.

Other treasures we found were...
A larger crab shell and one leg,
an exoskeleton,
tiny periwinkles,
live clams that spit at us,
a hermit crab hiding in his house, 
and a crab with eggs.

What started as a cold adventure with little hope of finding anything
ended with lots of ideas to add to our tidal pool 
back at school.