Sunday, August 3, 2014

Garden Mountain Update

Vivian and Millie invited us to explore the Garden Mountain that we planted in June.
WOW!  The garden is amazing.  Here are a few things that we spotted.
Vivian created a scavenger hunt to help everyone find all the things that we planted.
              Plus we harvested a few potato plants.
     They are fingerling potatoes and there were lots of them.
 IMG_4771 IMG_4768
      We found one that we thought looked like a dog.
IMG_4756 IMG_4757
One of the grown ups that was helping pull up the potatoes was having a difficult time so we shared and acted out the story of the Enormous Potato.  It was a new story for her and she enjoyed it.
Before leaving we picked two pumpkins to do experiments on.  The first I scratched the words “Brooklyn StrongStart” on it and picked all the other pumpkins off that plant hoping that this one will be really big. 
The second pumpkin we put an elastic around it.  Will anything happen?  We will check back in late September.

We discovered that planting seeds in a big mountain of soil works really, really well.
            Just before we left Vivian found this little frog.