Monday, October 3, 2011

Pumpkins and Apples

 October is here and so are the apples and pumpkins.
Above is a measuring tool for estimating and counting.  The children love to stand in front of it to be measured then if they don't recognize the number they count the pumpkins to see how tall they are.
 The play dough this week smells like pumpkin pie.  The room smells wonderful and provoked lots of conversation about food, especially for Thanksgiving.  One child made a turkey with the playdough and we talked about our favourite parts to eat; white/dark meat, drumstick, etc.
Cutting and serving pie or was this one a pancake? She was busy with the play dough for quite awhile.
 A basket of big and little apples provided an opportunity to sort by size or colour.
 Tongs help build those important hand muscles and eye hand coordination.
 Plus math skills that are being practiced.
At the light table I made trees from tissue paper and laminated them.  Found little felt apple shapes for sorting and counting.