Tuesday, March 5, 2013


             feb 25 045
        Last week we went to the creek to explore
             if homemade boats would float.

   feb 25 001
Our Nature Bags contained clipboard and paper, paint, scissors,
   drift wood and a stick.  I also took tape and plastercine.
feb 25 039  feb 25 041
 The children got busy making and painting their sail and attaching it
                                      to the stick.
feb 25 043  feb 25 044
     My husband had pre-drilled a hole part way into the driftwood. 
          But not all the sticks were the same size as the hole
             so the plastercine was used to hold it in place.
feb 25 047  feb 25 058
The boats were done.  Each were unique by how each child attached
                                       the sail
      feb 25 057
      or the shape of the boat like this catamaran.  

                  Now they were ready to launch.
feb 25 061   feb 25 060
   We walked down the path till we could find a safe place to
                reach the water to let our boats go.
feb 25 063  feb 25 064
   It was exciting to watch the children put their boats in the water. 
   Some were top heavy and fell over.  We talked about why that
                    happened and how we could fix it.
feb 25 070  feb 25 071
Another difficulty we experienced was some boats wouldn't move.  Why? 
What do they need to move?  Another push?  Making the water ripple with
our hands or a stick?  Different methods were tried and the boats started to
                                         sail away.
       feb 25 075
     As the boats floated away the children ran after trying to
                              keep them in sight.
feb 25 084  feb 25 079
Off they sailed but "Oh! Oh!" some got stuck in branches laying in the water. 
A brave grandmother showed them how to use a stick to solve the problem.
feb 25 088  feb 25 090
         Then there were rapids.  How quickly the boats disappeared. 
      We quickly tried to follow, some disappeared, others resurfaced.
                feb 25 091
        A little one trying to rescue what was left of her boat.
feb 25 094  feb 25 092
          It was an awesome day to explore the creek and build a boat. 
 We will plan another day to spend more time exploring boats at the creek.