Tuesday, September 22, 2015

A Surprise in the Garden

One morning, a week ago, as I was walking into school I passed the garden
                   and noticed some plants growing in our Spud Tubs. 
                 Some were weeds but one looked just like a potato plant. 
As the nights are becoming colder I was starting to worry about frost so
                        today we decided to harvest the plant.
                   We dug in the soil but couldn’t find anything.
Then I pulled the plant up and there was one little potato attached to the roots.
     IMG_8346 IMG_8348
The children continued to dig and we found one more.  I think a great experiment, for next year, would be to plant a second crop of spuds after we harvest our spuds next June.  Would they grow over the summer?
              We noticed a different plant growing beside our spud tubs. 
                                 I think it is a pumpkin plant.