Monday, April 4, 2016

Pond Study 2016

Two years ago we did a pond study which meant we visited a local pond once a week 
for about 6 weeks.
We learned about the water receding, watched the plants grow,
touched various living and non-living objects around the pond and more.
It was directed by me thinking this would be of interest to the
They enjoyed it but was it really what they were interested in?
This year I decided try a different approach.
Our first visit, today, was to look around the pond.
Let the children lead us.
What do they like at the pond?
What do they want to learn more about?
Each child was given a nature bag that contained a clipboard and paper,
a baggie of crayons and a pencil.
As they explored they were encouraged to draw what they liked
at the pond
and what they would like to learn more about.
We checked out the water, marked off the edge with sticks
and noticed the ground was muddy above the water line.

As they walked they touched plants, rocks, logs and more.
Some were sticky, some were soft, some scratchy and some colourful.

We found many trees that had been chewed on by a beaver.  Across the pond we could see the top of a beaver den.
The children spent time all a long our walk to make sketches and their grown ups helped write their ideas.
The majority are interested in learning more about the beavers but they are also interested in learning about the water.


It is a wonderful start to our pond study.
What would you suggest for a next step?