Saturday, October 18, 2014

Sticky Leaf Bracelets

Duct tape and a stroll in the woods made for an adventure in bracelet making. 
Wrap a piece of very sticky tape, like duct tape, around your wrist with the sticky side facing out then head outside.
   IMG_0268 IMG_0266
You don’t need a forest to make a sticky bracelet but we have one right behind our school so we went for a walk.
      IMG_0269 IMG_0271
As we walked we discovered pine cones, ferns, coloured leafs, and sticks that we added to our bracelets.  Finding each item allowed us to identify it and see if it would stick.  The pinecone was the only one that didn’t stay on.

We also saw mushrooms, a squirrel and slugs but left them behind for others to enjoy.