Wednesday, September 12, 2012

All About Me

sept 12 054
I’ve seen on other Early Childhood Educator’s blogs
a bulletin board
introducing themselves to their families.
What a great idea!
Especially for a StrongStart program where families
come and go all year long.
So this is my board.
sept 12 055
I come from a very large family.
A few more members were added after this photo was taken.
It's fun to watch the families trying to figure out which one in the photo is me.
sept 12 056
This is the family we grew into, again several are missing from the photo.
It’s very difficult to get such a large family all together at once.,
especially since we are spread across our big country of Canada.
sept 12 058
My own family.
Still growing.
sept 12 057
Things I like to do on my time off.
sept 12 059
Last year one of my daughters created this book about me.
I love it.
The families have been enjoying looking through it as well.