Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Fizzing Rainbows

I saw this great idea over at Fun-a-Day and felt that it would be a great
                      activity to do with our big buddies.
I spent part of an afternoon helping the grade 7s make the rainbow cubes.
The recipe calls for baking soda, jello powder and water.  We hid pony beads, matching the colour of the jello, in each cube.  Once all the trays were full they went in to the freezer.
Each buddy group had a tray, a baggie of the rainbow cubes, a bottle of vinegar, eye droppers and pipe cleaners.
They took turns squirting the vinegar onto the cubes and watching the reaction.
                The jello powder provides the rainbow bright colours. 
When we were making the cubes we could really smell the fragrances of the jello. 
            But once we used the vinegar that was all we could smell.
We caught a few buddy partners listening to the fizzing sound of the cubes.
  As the cubes started to dissolve the children started to see the beads.
They carefully picked them out and set them aside till they had two of each
         They then took their beads and threaded them on to the pipe cleaners
                           making bracelets, one for each buddy.
                  From fizzing rainbows to beaded buddy bracelets!