Monday, April 28, 2014

Creativity at the Art Centre

For the past month I have not set up an art or craft activity.  Instead each week I have added a new material to our art area allowing the children to create what they wish.
IMG_1866 IMG_2096
Bottle caps, folding boxes, plastic eggs, and dyed egg shells have inspired
                     the children to be creative.
Almost daily this is how the art area looks.  Full of adults and families cutting,
        gluing, painting, talking, planning, sharing and creating.
      IMG_1816 IMG_1831
I see the children’s confidence grow daily as they are allowed the freedom
                       to explore the materials.
              I see new ideas and methods of creating.
         IMG_2367 IMG_1823
             I see shared ideas and cooperative art work.
IMG_1850 IMG_1852      
            I see math happening; patterns, counting, adding.

I’ve noticed more parents creating their own projects along side their children.  Sometimes staying longer at the art table.  Art is therapeutic, relaxing and helps us cope with stress.  This new way has helped to add a calmness to the program.
What I have discovered, for myself, is a lot less work thinking, planning and setting up activities.