Monday, May 13, 2013

Playground Play

pril 27 022 may 6 090
We’ve been playing outside everyday the last two weeks.  The
weather has been so nice that it didn’t make sense to be inside
for gym.

On Friday I borrowed some new activity baskets that our primary
teachers put together to enhance the children’s play on the
   may 10 070
In February one of our grade 1 teachers attended a workshop
on outside play put on by Sandi from Rubber Boots and Elf Shoes.

Sandi talked about ideas that she uses with her students to enhance
their play on the playground.  By using simple materials, some are
recycled, the children become more involved in pretend play.

may 10 043  may 10 047
I borrowed a bin of pool noodle swords and a bin of capes.

may 10 044  may 10 051
Quickly the children got off of the climber, put on a cape
and picked up a sword.  What fun it was to have a sword
fight with their grown ups.
      may 10 045
We introduced a courtesy rule to keep everyone safe;
ask a friend if they want to have a sword fight before
hitting them. 
may 10 050 may 10 055
They quickly discovered that our playground has a very big
field for running and chasing each other.  And a hill for
challenging ourselves to climb and slide down.
may 10 057 may 10 062 may 10 063
I couldn’t resist accepting a challenge from this young man.

may 10 053  may 10 052
As we ran around the grass field, the swords turned into horses
that we could ride with our capes flying high behind us.

A few other bins the primary teachers have put together include;
may 10 066 may 10 065 may 10 067
cars and trucks, ribbons on rings, bubbles and chalk,
may 10 068  may 10 069
pots and pans, and dinosaurs.
The teachers have done a fabulous job and I can't wait to use
a few more bins.