Friday, March 22, 2013

Paper Egg Dyeing

 march 21 001
What happens when crepe paper gets wet? 
              It bleeds! 
That was the motivation for the artwork this morning.
march 21 004
The children were encouraged to rip the crepe paper into
small pieces and lay them on their white egg shaped paper.
march 21 006 march 21 007
The fun part is using the spray bottle.  Learning how to press
it to make the water come out.  Making sure that the nozzle is
pointing in the right direction so you don’t spray yourself in the
march 21 010 march 21 011
After it was wet we laid a another egg on top of the wet one
and pressed.
march 21 052
Most were very wet and as we pressed down we started
to see the colours come through.
march 21 023
Pull the two paper eggs apart to see what happened.
march 21 055
For smaller children we found it easier to use a brush
and water rather than the spray bottle.