Friday, March 7, 2014

Dino Footprints

This morning we finished our focus on dinosaurs by playing in mud (shaving cream and brown paint).  The above child, M, was the first to dip and move the dinosaurs through the goo.  As her mom sat beside her chatting with a friend, M chatted away to herself.
         “Time for your bath.  You fell in, I’ll rescue you.”
As others began to join in the play I started to see dinosaur footprints
     across the table and it reminded me of a book,
“I’m Big!” by Kate and Jim McMullan is about a long neck that slept in and
                      has to search for his pack.
One point in the story he finds all kinds of dinosaur footprints and is able to
            follow the prints that look like his own to find his pack.
The book encouraged us to compare our dinosaur footprints.  How are they the
              same and different?  Are there any that match?
            Our morning of explorations was very enjoyable.