Monday, March 12, 2018

March Treasure Basket - Balls

In January I made a card board box house for my grand daughter 
but she never was comfortable going into it.
I tried poking lights in the top but that didn't interest her
so I thought balls might do the trick.
I spent the past month searching for a variety of balls,
some from my own bins and others from dollar stores.
We set the box on it's side and cut holes for these two big tubes
to fit through.
Then I showed her the balls.
She took each from the basket and showed me her favourites.
Then I took one of the balls and rolled it through the tube.
She copied me.
A couple of balls have lights inside them.
She figured out how to activate them.
I thought they might motivate her to go farther in to the box.
As you see in the video she is stretching into it but I wouldn't say she is

Do you have any suggestions on how to encourage her to go in the box?