Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Black on White Tracks

Going along with our Shadow talk this week, I placed on the art table white paper, black paint and toy animals that were also white or white with some black on them.  (Well they started out that way.)

Let's make tracks.

Or another idea came up - why not paint the toy animals.
One of the parents commented to this little girl that when she's finished the dog would need to go to the groomer (in regards to our pet store dramatic play area).
But I quickly added a sign at our wash tub.
And that's all it took.
 For the animals to be washed
 over and over again.
It meant we had to change the water often.
But back to the tracks.
I showed them how to make a foot print without using your foot.
And that's all it took.
 For this child to start painting her hands.
 So now she has toy animal prints and
her own fingerprints.

It was a popular spot this morning judging by our drying rack.
This is an amazing drying rack.
Unfortunately it is only temporarily ours.
The school will be using it again
once we move to our permanent room at the end
of this school year.
We'll be back to our little wall mounted rack.