Sunday, March 30, 2014

What Happened at School during Spring Break

The past two weeks has been our school district’s spring vacation.  Tomorrow will be our first day back and I’m looking forward to it.  I enjoy the time off but also really like my job and the all the people that come in to play.

   While we were away change has been happening in our classroom. 
                     The first is our spuds have sprouted. 
Tomorrow we’ll spend some time ‘hilling’ the potatoes.  This means we will pile soil around each of the stems so just the top leaves are poking through. 
We hill the spuds for a couple of reasons:
1) the loose soil encourages the potatoes to expand easier
2) to keep the potatoes well covered so they are not exposed to the sun and turn green, which are not the best to eat.
3) hilling keeps the plants better drained and more productive.
Plus it's fun to get our hands in to the soil.

Another change are our daffodils, they have started to bloom.
We’ll take paint, pencils and pastels outside for an art session in the garden.

One final change is something we didn't plan.
The sand box has been covered for the whole two weeks and it looks like some
       popcorn kernels were left buried and have now sprouted.

I hope to get some photos of the children (and adult's) faces when they see that our sand box is now a jungle.  I wonder what they think we should do with the plants.