Thursday, May 31, 2018

Subbing and Fairy Lane

I was asked to sub at one of our StrongStart centres this week
and I was given the choice of opening the centre or holding an outside day.
I decided on an outside day and held it at Fairy Lane since it was close to this centre.
Here are some of the activities that the families participated in.
 The silvery ribbons added a nice shine to the wands as well as a soft sound when the children shook them.
We didn't see any fairies but one family thought they may have heard a hummingbird fairy.
A pretend tea party was a must to have in the middle of the Lane.
As well as a set for the Fairies to indulge.
Create your own Fairy.
Created and captured!
Take some time to sit and read a book about Fairies.
I hid 6 doors in the Lane for the families to find but there were many more already there.
Fairy Lane has been official for almost three years.
Some things wear out, like the dead tree that one of our signs is 
attached to.
I need to call the city.

Monday, May 28, 2018

Nesting Doll Surprise

I found this fun book recently and bought it because my grand daughter is enjoying books with flaps. Lifting them to see what is hidden beneath.
This flap book has many layers in one picture, as you can see with the turtle in the egg.
Her favourite picture in the book is of this nesting doll and finding a mouse hidden in the middle, under many flaps.
I dug out my nesting dolls from home, took out the smallest dolls and put in a mouse.
 Then I gave it to her.
It took a bit of practice for her to be able to pull the doll apart.
She showed persistence in trying to do it
and joy when she found the mouse.
 Out came the mouse,
 and back together went the dolls.
I introduced sizing to her.
She already knows big and little so medium was a new word (and sign) for her.

Thursday, May 24, 2018

In the Tall, Tall Grass

Another favourite author and book of mine, Denise Fleming's 
"In the Tall, Tall Grass".
It is a great book to add to my grand daughter's interest in bugs.
To bring the book to life I placed a mirror at the back of her table, 
then cut out pieces of green bristol board to look like the grass in the book.
 My grand daughter laughs every time she sees the cover of the book with the child peeking through the grass.  So I thought it would be fun for her to see herself peeking through the grass.
Then Dad introduced the book.
From my collection of stuffies I found the animals, bugs and other creatures that are in the book.
Mom and Dad took some time to help her discover all the creatures in her basket and play with them.
  Lots of playing after that modelling from mom and dad.
 Helping the creatures hide and move in, out, 
over and around the grass.
At the end of the day the creatures rest and wait.

The next day, outside in the back yard, we spotted something lying in the tall, tall grass.  The landlord's cat found a cool place to lay.