Friday, February 17, 2012

Dog's Colorful Day

Dog's Colorful Day is a new book for me.
I've seen it referenced on several blogs from Flannel Friday.
The book covers so many areas of learning.
Colours, counting, body parts, literacy
(how many descriptive words start with 'sp'?).
I made this quick felt story to go with it.
 I handed out the coloured spots to the children and as I read 
the story the children added the spots to Dog.
Which makes it a great interactive story, if you have a small group.

At the art table, I copied pictures of Dog and put them out
with bingo daubbers and markers.
The parents picked up the book and read it while the children
matched their art to the telling.
 I love how this grandmother is holding the book and pointing at the words.
The children were so involved in the story.
After making each spot they would count them just like in the book.
Some children just enjoyed using the bingo daubbers.
When I asked them how many spots were on their dog,
they both shouted out numbers, "89" "17".
This child was thrilled that he made the colour brown.
I didn't have a brown bingo daubber so we were using a brown marker.
But he told me he mixed the green, orange and red and it made brown.

I recommended this book to our kindergarten teacher and she was taken with it too.
She has ideas for more centre ideas that I'm looking forward to seeing.