Thursday, April 26, 2018

April's Treasure Basket - Construction

The little one has been interested in vehicles lately,
especially the sounds.
So for her April Treasure basket I decided to make it 'construction' oriented.
The basket had blocks, road signs and construction vehicles.
When she got the basket she and her dad set up a road and played on the bed.
The next day I converted her sensory table by adding a piece of cardboard
and cut two holes in to it to sink pot holes.
I painted a quick background,
then set up some of the pieces from the basket.
All ready for her to see after her nap.
She took a bit of time exploring the different pieces
but what she liked most was discovering that the pot holes could pop out!
After Dad got home from work she showed him the set up.
A plastic bin was put underneath to hold more blocks
and she enjoyed pulling it out and adding more to the table.
We started to take more time to stop and watch big machines wherever we could.
She soon learned the sign for digger.
Back at the play table she started hauling some of her little animals in the truck.
She loves making the sounds of the truck.
Dad reads a great book that is all about the sounds that big machines make.
Ready for tomorrow's work.