Sunday, February 16, 2014

Key to the Kingdom

Key to the Kingdom is a short action verse that I learned many, many years ago.  It fits well with our castle play.

Here is the key to the kingdom, (hold up finger)
Here is the kingdom, (hold hands up above head, curved arms and fingers touching)
In the kingdom there is a town, (drop arms, fingers still touching, down in front of body)
In the town there is a hill, (lift arms in front of chest)
On the hill there is a street, (cross arms)
On the street there is a castle (I changed this from house to fit better), (peak hands to form a house shape)
In the castle there is a room,(tilt hands forward to make a corner of the room)
In the room there is a bed, (lift hands bend fingers)
On the bed there is a basket, (cup hands)
On the basket there is a blanket, (cup hands upside down)
and under the blanket there is a …baby. (rock hands like rocking a baby)

Then repeat backwards.

There’s a baby under the blanket,
blanket on the basket,
basket on the bed,
bed in the room,
room in the castle,
castle on the street,
street on the hill,
hill in the town,
town in the kingdom
and the kingdom is opened with …
this key.