Friday, November 15, 2013

Step by Step Creating

nov 5 003 nov 5 004
      Last week we moved our workbench to the art area. 
   nov 5 005 nov 5 007
      The week started with a child who wanted to make a sign. 
   He sawed the wood into two pieces then hammered them together. 
nov 5 010 nov 5 012
               nov 5 013
He painted it and as it was drying he worked at he easel with his mom
learning how to print the letters.  I watched how they worked together to
sound out the word ‘stop’.  Mom would paint a letter and he copied it.
                  nov 5 018
But when he tried to paint STOP on his sign, he realized that the
              wood was too small.

nov 5 014 nov 5 045
He made a larger one.  By then other children were interested in what
                 he was doing and started to build.

nov 5 008  nov 7 001
       nov 5 050
All week I observed children learning how to use different tools;
saw, screw driver, hammers and glue gun.  I watched as the grown ups
became comfortable letting their children explore these adult tools.

nov 5 048 nov 5 052
      nov 8 017
Moving the work bench in to the art area encouraged the children to
work their project from start to finish, making it a fuller experience.