Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Gingerbread Peg Dolls

Happy Holidays!
The Little One and her parents have been going for walks in the evening checking out the lights.
My grand daughter loves it.
I decided to combine her interest in lights with a gingerbread theme play box.
I painted new peg dolls to look like gingerbread.
There is a mom, dad, sister and baby.
They are set up in a card board box that I have painted the inside.
Lights are hung from the ceiling of the box.
I also painted a wooden house with brown chalkboard paint.
She can use chalk to decorate it like a gingerbread house.
Even inside we drew some beds.
I added a couple of books and we've read them several times already.
I was a little slow getting a picture of her reading a book herself.
She was excited to show Dad when he got home from work.
The lights are poked through the top of the box and she is fascinated with them.
We've been retelling the story in different ways, drawing, video, oral.
It's one of my favourites.
I love catching moments like this when her parents get down and play with her.