Monday, January 11, 2016

More Rabbit Play

This morning we went on a rabbit hunt.  There are lots of rabbits living around our
                           school but they are not always easy to find.
   We spotted one rabbit across the field so decided to walk the perimeter of the
             school yard to look for others and hopefully not scare the first one.
We saw a variety of tracks, like this dog print, but no bunny tracks.
What we did find from rabbits was lots of droppings.  As we followed the fence we followed the poop too.
The bunny we saw across the field heard us coming and squeezed under the fence.
There is a big bin in our yard that sits on wooden pallets.
We've seen bunnies come from under it before but not today.

Back in school the children discovered the renovation to our rabbit warren.  
Tunnels were added over the weekend.

In one end, straight through to come out the other side.

Lots of rabbits were crawling through our warren this morning.